THEN WHAT. 9.00min 2009

the protagonist (the artist)is in Paris exploring and researching different phenomena. She is also very much aware of herself during the process.

She believes she finds links between different things, a connection, a message of some sort. What she finds is difficult to explain - she herself is

unsure about her discoveries. The question remains - then what?

I'm fascinated, almost as a child, by the unexplainable. I combine my childlike curiosity and my "mature" skepticism and explore different issues

with this method. I write a script about my process and create a video. This time the result  is somewhat similar to a documentary. 

Camera: Nina Lassila, Felix Gienger

Intervening persons: Cyrus Tang, Jazel Kristin Villa Marin, audience in Auditorium at Cité des Arts Paris on June 25th 2009 and audience at Eastern Edge Gallery St Johns New Foundland CAN  during performance on March 7th 2009.

Support by : Konstnärsnämnden, Pépinières Européennes

Thanks to: ENSAD Paris,  Felix Gienger, Gun Holmström, Cyrus Tang, Jazel Kristin Villa Marin, Cité des Arts, Eastern Edge Gallery and Auberge Nicolas Flamel.


Then What has been shown at the Kassel Documentary & Video Festival in Germany 2009 and 2010.