THE GREAT LAKE video 7.14min 2010

Synopsis: we are walking down a path towards a lake in northern Finland. It's midnight.

We hear a voice mumbling something in the background. A voiceover describes the situation,

over and over again - because she wants to do it correctly. We hear about a persons effort to

connect to this place. 

Later on the camera turns to the slightly drunk protagonist and the voiceover criticizes the action.

In "The Great Lake" I use  private video footage to scrutinize my attempt and wish to sense a feeling of belonging. 

By creating additional voice overs and adding text  I re-tell  the situation of walking to a familiar lake.

I sort of create another narrative of the original material. And as usual I never really come to a logical point where

I would have an answer to my hypothesis. 


The Great Lake has been shown at the exhbition Slippery Terrain in Gallery Draakon Tallinn EST 2010 and

in the Nordic House Reykjavik 2011.

It is also shown on the website ARTE fr/de.