performance during the Reykjavik Arts Festival May 2008

Video, 15.00min 2010

Baejarins Bestu Hot Dog Stand Friday May 23rd 2008

This work is based on articles about the ”new” icelandic finance scene, that claim i.e that the youngsters of Iceland these days wish to

become businessmen rather than rockstars.

Wearing a funny masque I set out to talk about serious things with the Reykjavik crowd.

I asked people to show me on a Reykjavik map where I could find power. Banks and parliaments were the most common things mentioned.

When asking about the future of Iceland most people said it was bright...

After the collapse of the Icelandic economy (October 2008) this work changed dramatically...

The documentation of this work has been edited into a film of 15min. The film had it’s premiere in the film programme of the

second Survival Kit festival in Riga Latvia in September 2010.