a friend writes:
my dog spoke to me once.
I was feeding her and saying “are you hungry?
Are you hungry?Oh yes I bet you are”.
She yawned and in her yawn said "I want one".

In this work I research telepathy between animals and human beings. I do this by collecting information of both scientific and non scientific nature. I also make a private and quite funny investigation of the phenomena. The work consists of a documentary styled video, this website and a live event / conference (later in 2006) where the audience can discuss telepathy and related issues with a special guest who has a specific and beautiful view on issues concerning animal-human relations. She also has a lot of experience in animal communication. A PR "happening" is carried out on May the 1st 2006 in Slottskogen park in Gothenburg. In this event people can discuss telepathy and share their experiences with me. There is a continuous collecting of experiences of telepathy between animals and humans. A future goal is to publish a book about this project - a test version will be launched in June 2010.

The artist is always an itinerant, a messenger, an explorer, who operates in or among others’ territories. The artist comes
and goes, takes away and brings back. As a temporary “resident”, the artist still remains a “stranger”. But that presence
of a stranger may be just what it takes for the rest to feel at home.” (Pavel Büchler, Other people’s culture)


research material
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videostill: talking to Texas

om "Zander och tiden" av Emelie Cajsdotter

Djurens Rätt

Tele-Pets soon in XV Mänttä Art Festival Finland June 12th - August 22nd 2010

arranged by P.F.P (pets for peace)


Mia Mattsson animal communicator
Vegfab vegan cooking & catering
Peter Singer
stills from TELE-PETS video
Rupert Sheldrake
Event on May 1st 2006
Dutch Animal Party - fenomenal!!!