Hej Nina!
Vi hade en katt med klart telepatisk förmåga. Hon
visste när vi slutade skolan och kom och mötte oss på
skolgården varje dag, oavsett när vi slutade. Fast
egentligen kanske detta inte var telepati utan
osedvanligt bra minne och känsla för tider och
scheman...Hon gick till historien med öknamnet
"skolkatten"... Nåväl, åt andra hållet var det klart
telepatisk förmåga - min mamma kände på sig när katten
tänkte på henne, och det gjorde den som mest när den
var hungrig och på väg hem för att få mat. Då tog
mamma fram kattmaten en stund innan och sa - _"Missan
tänker på mig. Hon är hungrig och vill ha mat. Hon
kommer snart hem". Detta slog aldrig fel! Konstigt

Hej Nina!
Vet en historia om en häst som bonden i Abborrberg (där Jonas föräldrar bor) har. Bonde var ute och åkte med hästen (en travhäst), och helt plötsligt travade hästen ned i en djup bäck, av alla ställen. När dom fått upp hästen kontaktade dom en hästtalare som berättade att hästen inte trivdes hos dem för att den blivit skild från en annan häst som den verkligen gillade och att den därför försökte ta livet av sig.(!) Det finns endel historier i dalarna tror jag, det verkar finnas an del djurpsykologer där. Fast det kanke inte riktigt är vad du söker.

Hej Nina

My dog spoke to me once.

I was feeding her and saying ' are you hungry? are you hungry? Oh yes I bet
you are."

she yawned and in the noise of her yawn said "I want one".

Communication /Telepathy maybe
She became more human that day


Vad liksom menas med telepati, kan det räknas sådant att
djuret känner på sig att man är på väg hem till exempel. Mamma har
berrättat att Dino i alla fall alltid började betee sig sådär rastlöst

före jag var på väg hem, och jag tänkte ju alltid hur roligt det skulle
bli att se honom när jag var på väg hem - lite telepati, eller hur.
Sedan finns ju det att hunden är den bästa att trösta om man är ledsen.
Har gråtit många sorger i Dinos päls!


ahaa-soita mulle -pari tosi totta tarinaa:
alexista(pekasta) ja
ja yksi banjosta ja kepistä
/kerron mielelläni


A friend tells me this: Claris our Daschen always knew when it was time to see the vet, Before the car had been started she'd start whining and yelping. Stanley, her partner had no clue what-so-ever...as far as he was concerned it was just another ride in the car...

G. tells me about a puppy, Rocco that his family had when he was a child. The puppy had difficulties with housetraining. So G's father called a therapist who lived in Arizona. The therapist talked to Rocco on the phone, and Rocco was paying attention - so it looked fine. After a while g's father took the phone and asked the therapist what was wrong. She said Rocco was getting mixed signals. At that exact moment Rocco had a big shit on the floor. It took him 6 months to get rid of his problems. So, perhaps telephone consultation doesn't work...

Grahams guinepig always starts whistling even before Graham is about to get the guinepig food out of the cupboard...

F. tells me about how her 2 cats kept her warm during the night before she had her baby. She was in pain but had to wait with going to the hospital...she could hardly sit but her cats kept on leaning their bodies against her back one at a time. Did they know that that eased the pain?

I want to tell you about a cat. His name is Primus. He is black but has 1 white patch of hair on his chest. Like he has chest hair. He belongs to my neighbour. We have fought once. We had a birds nest in a tree outside our bedroom window and when the 4 eggs hatched Primus discovered where his next meals would come from. During the light Icelandic summer nights he stalked the nest and one by one picked off the new life in the making there. Night after night I woke up to the cries of the parents when Primus had his paws on their offspring and our war was fought. When there was only one chick left in the nest I caught the cat as he was trying to snatch it and with a large swing I flung it over our greenhouse and into the next garden. He didn´t bother the birds for the remainder of the night. The next morning the bird took the chick and made it fly and my husband took the tree away with a saw. I didn´t see primus for a very long time after that.

Some time later I met him in my garden. I meowed, he meowed back. I went inside my house and started working in the kitchen. He followed. Carefully he examined my kitchen and living room. I gave him few shrimp that I defrosted under the warm water from the sink. He ate them and left. Since then he comes regularly to see me. He waits for me when I get home from work. Sits outside, even in the rain. And when I open the door to my house he insists to come in. In good weather in the summer we all sit outside on the veranda, him too. He spends hours with us and I feed him some shrimp. He has developed very neat tactic in eating them. I want him to earn them. I take out a tall glass and put the frozen shrimp in them. I run the hot water and thaw them in the glass. Then I serve the glass to Primus. He uses his claw to latch onto a shrimp and pulls it out of the glass. This he does until all of them are gone from the glass.

Since I have been away he doen´t come to my house anymore. My husband says he sees him from time to time outside our house but he refuses to come inside. When I came home for Christmas I didn´t see him for the first few days but then one day as I was coming home I met him coming away from the house as I was approaching. He took one look at me and turned around and ran up to the house. He received his rations of shrimp and a chat.


Nöffe a New Foundland Dog from North East Carelia FIN was known to be a proper rescue dog. Once he was on the beach with his owner. It was evening. And some people were partying on the beach.
A woman was out swimming and Nöffe saw her and jumped into the waves to rescue her. She was not drunk or in the need of help, but he was determined to help her. SO she was dragged up on dry land.
I heard later that the New Foundland Dog is famous for being the best rescue dog.
They seem to have it in their genes. And they have "swimming skin" between their toes. Astonishing!

There's another Nöffe story. Once he was visiting in a house where there was a bunch of kittens. They were mewing and meving. Suddenly Nöffe took one of them in his huge mouth. And shut his jaws. The mewing could still be heard. He kept his mouth shut for quite a while till he let the kitten out. It was totally unharmed. Perhaps Nöffe got a bit tired with the noise or something.

have myself had some funny bird encounters this spring (2009).
a month ago I AM SOOOOOO sure I had something going on with a huge crow (kråka?) in Slottskogen. I stopped on my bike to write something I just remembered and I happened to havea bag of crisps with me, and when I looked up there was this huge crow with a damaged wing watching me at about a 2m distance. And I said: vill du ha ett chips? (do you want a crisp?) and holy christ ....it "hopped" towards me and kept staring right at me. so I threw a crisp and it ate and came closer....I threw another and kept on talking to it... it was about 40cm from my feet. Then another crow came and both of them were scared away by some people. But when they had left my limping crow was still there and I said "ok nu ska jag gå" (ok, I've gotta go) and it came even closer and I said "nähä, ska du ha mera" (naah, you want some more?) and it hopped closer and I got a bit scared because I thought it might come ON me....so I just threw some crips, said goodbye and cycled away...weird...I'm pretty sure we had something going on there.



My friend Tess has a cat called Hannah. Hannah would always bite Tess' mother if she was singing. Hannah doesn't really mind anyone else singing.

Told by Cyrus, Paris May 2009






OTHER STORIES from books & internet

Skeppshunden Hector blev 1973 akterseglad i Vancouver. Han tog sig över Stilla Havet med ett annat fartyg och fann sin husses skepp i Tokyos hamn nitton dagar senare.

Perserkatten Sugar blev kvarlämnad när familjen flyttade från Kalifornien 2.400 kilometer tvärs över amerikanska kontinenten till Oklahoma, men lyckades ta sig dit trots att hon aldrig varit där tidigare.

En fiskmås räddade 1980 livet på en kvinna i New England genom att med upprepade skrik hämta hjälp och visa vägen till olycksplatsen.
Schäfern Strulli hade föraning om en katastrof som krävde nio människoliv i Saar Louis, Västtyskland, och lyckades därigenom rädda livet på sin husse när huset där han vistades rasade ihop.

I USA, Sovjet och Kina är framstående vetenskapsmän sysselsatta med breda forskningsprojekt för att finna förklaringen till hur djur kan förutse jordbävningar och andra naturkatastrofer. Vid 11 tillfällen under en femårsperiod har befolkningen hunnit evakueras i Kina före jordbävningar som annars hade krävt tiotusentals människoliv.

Delfinernas förmåga att kommunicera med människor, flyttfåglarnas osvikliga sinne att navigera rätt över flera kontinenter, hästars telepatiska egenskaper – vad är förklaringen till djurens sjätte sinne?



Do parrots think? The answer to that question may well be yes. Experience here indicates that the African Grey Parrot has a rather good memory and that they are quite observant about what goes on in their surroundings. Recently while cleaning the parrot cages, clean bottom trays of pine shavings were being placed in the cages. Phoenix Grey Parrot was on top of his cage watching the work underway. A clean tray was placed in Pax Parrot's cage, then in Gremil Green Byrd's cage. As the tray was being placed into Phoenix's cage he looked at it and said, "Looks OK." Do other parrots think or plan ahead? Consider "Sundance", known also as, "The fastest beak in the west." Sundance is a scarlet macaw who is very apt at putting his head down as if to be petted, and then nailing you with a needle sharp beak; its the old bait and stab trick.

Phoenix is very apt at understanding time based routines. In the evening when the water bowls are changed, the room swept etc., Phoenix will begin, "Ok, little birdies, time to go to bed, and "Phoenix gonna go good night." In this case he is talking to the smaller Love Birds in the room. He will also tell the little birdies, "In birdies." One might consider these incidents rather non-thinking responses but consider the following.


During a heavy rain the drain hole in the a window was plugged up causing the window to leak water to the inside. Phoenix Grey Parrot, in the bird room, could see me rushing around gathering tools (the leaking window was in another room).

Phoenix: "Hey Reg, watcha doing?" "Hey Reg." I replied, "Gotta fix the window Phoenix." After a few minutes Phoenix could hear the drill motor and the noise where upon he inquired, "What's going on in there?" Phoenix uses a very clear and easily understandable voice.