“ Gender is a lived ideology – a system of ideas about men and women with which

we live our lives. As lived ideology those ideas get transformed into specific bodily

practices. Socially produced sex differences are embodied and lived out as real.

They are materialized as habit and taken for granted as second nature.” (Bordieu)

front room


Video 1.13 min 2005

In Piiskaa! / Beat it! we see a woman cleaning a carpet.

Though clearly she is beating the carpet up...is she angry and why?

There is something provocative about a physical woman; even a loud laughter can provoke

some people. There is a prevailing notion that a loud physical woman is somehow deranged,

out of control.

back room projection


video 1.59min

Ilona is my personal study of the frustration felt by people who feel unhappy while trying to reach perfection.

back room tv-monitor

Nainen työssä 1-3 / woman at work 1-3

video 1.50x3 min

In these “video-studies” typical monotonous household work is being done. The visual aestethics is inspired by documentary photography and film. These videos are part of a new series reflecting domestic work seen from a “slightly” dramatical aspect.

middle room

irons painted in gold


with the 3 golden irons I want to show my appreciation to all the hard ground work done through history.