Piiskaa! Beat it! 1.13min 2005
Tele-Pets 7.34min 2006
GIRL 1.15min 2007

The Happy Birthday 2.10min 2008
Critical Review of Icelandic power structures 14.00min 2010/2012
Spiritguidance 3.00min 2009
ILONA 2.03min 2008
woman 00.58min 2009
Then what 8.47min 2009
womanwithknife? 1.49min 2010
Queen 1.16min 2010
Woman in Café 1.16min 2010
Woman pacing 1.11min 2010
The Great Lake 7.14min 2010
5 am 1.10min 2011

Günter und Mutti, a critical review of the readymade 3.07min 2011

Coffee, Tea or Dinosaurpee...4.15min 2011
Me, Aphrodite? 3.04min 2012
Clara S. was here 6.00min 2012
Fucking Unfair 2.03min 2012
Crashcourse in landowning 15.00min 2014
Lucid Dreaming 06.45min 2014
To the Audience 05.37min 2014
Design or destroy? 05.00min 2013
Why worry? 04.55min 2017
Did Van Gogh get laid because of his paintings? hd video 05.45min 2016

Ich bin Neutrum. HD video 10.36min 2017

Drilljob 2011
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The Trophy hd video 02.59min 2018 (password reqiured)

Second Act: The PHD proposal and old age
HD video 06.37min 2019


Verket (The Plant ) HDvideo 12.45min 2019 (password reqiured)