Baejarins Bestu Hot Dog Stand Friday May 23 at 12.00
Nina Lassila as the Critic in Reykjavik.

This work is based on articles about the ”new” icelandic finance scene, that claim i.e that the youngsters of Iceland these days wish to become businessmen rather than rockstars.

I set out to wear a funny masque and to talk about serious things with the Reykjavik crowd. I positioned myself quite interestingly - as someone really dumb trying to look smart asking difficult questions. I called the whole event ”Ceci n’est pas un masque” - quite simply because of the masque I was wearing. It’s a masque and in the same time it isn’t one.
My masque even blew of and broke. I had to use ducktape to fix it. After that incident I looked even dumber. This all created a perfect contradiction that suited me well.

I asked people to show me or point out something for me on a map. I wanted to know where on the map I could find ”power” . I also told them I was wearing a fake nose to feel more confident talking about issues I’m not so good at - as the stockmarket.