Piiskaa!  -  Beat it!                                                             

Video 1.08 min   2005



Gender is a lived ideology – a system of ideas about men and women with which we live our lives. As lived ideology those ideas get transformed into specific bodily practices. Socially produced sex differences are embodied and lived out as real. They are materialized as habit and taken for granted as second nature. (Bordieu)



In Piiskaa! / Beat it! we see a woman cleaning a carpet. Though clearly she is beating the carpet up...is she angry and why?


In my recent work Ive been working with questions of identity – specifically identity affected by social barriers and conventions based on gender and upbringing. There is something provocative about a physical woman; even a loud laughter can provoke some people. There is a prevailing notion that a loud physical woman is somehow deranged, out of control.